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Winery activities at Wine Tree Farm & Corinne Wines

This is the focus of the blogs in this series.

We’ll feature some of the winery activities.

We’ll share some wine making tips and tricks.

as well as Winery events at the winery or in the community

Follow our journey through the seasons – then come visit and taste the results of our labor.

The Covid Challenge for Wine Tree Farm and YOU

The Covid Challenge struck California in the early part of 2020 and has affected directly or indirectly just about every individual and business in the state. Individuals especially older ones and those with ailments which compromised their health, faced and continue to face deadly risks. The Deadly Spread Unfortunately by the end of January 2021 […]

November 2019

November Happenings Previous Blogs Busy October September Syrah Harvest August 2019 Harvest The 2019 Fall Pick Up Party This fall’s Wine Club Pick-Up party was catered by Bistro 49 and held Sunday Oct 27. This was around the time that California wildfires forced the shutdown of power in much of the local area, with Amador […]

Busy October 2019

Busy October 2019 It has been a very busy October 2019! We picked our last zone of grapes – Mourvèdre, It was Epi’s First birthday, and we released our Fall Wine Club Wines!     Previous Blogs September Syrah Harvest August 2019 Harvest – Epi’s 1st Birthday- -Mourvèdre The Final Harvest- -The Fall Pick-Up Party- Epi’s […]