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Behind our Cellar Door

Behind Our Cellar Door

Here is a look behind our cellar door, how we make wine at Wine Tree Farm.

Because Wine Tree Farm is “Off The Grid”, we don’t use pumps to move our wine from tank to tank. Instead we lift the tank we’re emptying and let gravity gently pour the wine into the second tank. We also don’t use mechanical filtering.

At Wine Tree Farm we make wine the Natural Way!

grapes wanting to be wine
grapes wanting to be wine

Grapes Wanting to be Wine

Jeffrey loading the crusher de-stemmer
Jeffrey loading the crusher de-stemmer

Jeffrey Filling the Crusher/De-Stemmer with Eager Grapes

Nic running the crusher de_stemmer

Nic Running the Crusher/De-Stemmer

Grapes – “Yeah! Now We can Ferment”

Nic Not Leaving any Juice (Future Wine) Behind

Next Year's Press

We Rebuilt the Press!

Wine is sunlight held together by water (Galileo)

Diiferent shades for different grapes

The Distinctive Colors of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah

WTF ByPass Red

We Dressed her Up and Sent her to the Competition.

2018 Award for By-Pass Red

She Came Home with a Plaque and Made us Proud!

Award Winning Syrah

Then We Sent our Syrah

2019 Award

It isn’t Just Us, Who Think it’s Great

An Action Packed Video

Wine Bottling: Filling bottles, Corking, Cleaning up