The Wine Tree Farm Vineyard


Views of Wine Tree Farm

Our Vineyard is planted to 3 different Rhône varietals – Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre.

We do offer our wine grapes for sale in small quantities to other wineries and home winemakers. 

top of the vineyard with the Famous By-Pass in the background

The Top of the Vineyard with the Famous By-Pass in the Background.

Drone Image of a large stretch of the vineyard

A Drone's Eye View of the Vineyard.

The Vineyard Seasons

Unpruned vines

Waking up from a Winter's Nap (hair a Mess)

A pruned vine spur

A nicely pruned spur.

The Vineyard Pruned (Finely Kempt)

Oh look! Vines Are Budding

Vines Grow Quickly from Buds to Leaves

Vines begin to Bloom

Berry set

Blooms turn into Berries

Syrah Berries turn to Grapes

Berries Turn to Grapes (Berry Set)

Vines before suckering

Vines grow Vigorously (i.e. Out of Control)

Vines after suckering

After Suckering (Trimming the Vines)

Grapes turning Purple (Verasion)

Grapes Ripening

Vines Soaking up SunShine

Grapes Ready for Harvest

A Good and Bountiful Crop

The Fall Harvest

Fall & Harvest Time

It's Fall and the the Brix (Sugars) reached the level where we can Harvest.

We're out early picking grapes

Picking grapes starts early in the Morning.

Getting around the vineyard

Skip walking, we get around on an ATV, even Timber Rides.

Jeffrey picking grapes

Jeffrey showing off the Bountiful Crop. Jeffrey also makes wines from Wine Tree Farm grapes.

Harvesting Syrah

Leaves and Twigs make their way into the picking bins. Periodically we all pitch in to remove the debris.

The Wine Tree Farm Harvest Video