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Attend one of our Blending classes

Creating your wine blend

Click on the available classes below to sign up for a class and create your own wine blend.

NOTE: Our Classes are held year round on most Sundays. Check back often for an updated list of class dates.

Please call 209-783-5049, or email corinne@winetreefarm.com for additional dates or private reservations

Be a winemaker for an afternoon

Unleash your inner winemaker at a Wine Tree Farm’s blending class!

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a novice, our hands-on class promises a unique, educational, and flavorful experience. 

For just $70 per person, or $120 for two, you can sign up for this engaging 2-hour seminar and leave with a bottle of your own signature wine-blend.

Private Blending Classes

We offer private Blending Classes on request.
Private classes are a perfect team building exercise, a fun party with family/friends or to celebrate an anniversary or milestone birthday.

Setting Up
Let's move them closer
Perfect setup
Attentive Students
Beginning with an informative overview
Corinne Blending Coach
Corinne your coach
Discovering your Blending Talents

Winery Blending Classes

Our scheduled classes are held at our Winery and accommodates up to 10 students. Not only will you learn to blend wine, but you’ll peek behind the Tasting Room to see how wine is made and stored in a small winery where most things are done by hand.

Wine blending work space
The Blending Work Space
Blending Class participants
An Informative Overview
Pouring Wine for Blending
Let's first try a Blended Wine
Image of a wine blending class, tasting their mixed wines.
Discovering your Blending Talents
End of Class
End of Class
Happy Birthday Gift
Every Day Gift Card
Happy Anniversary
Merry Christmas