We’re powered by Sunshine!

WineTree Farm is a rare winery that is totally off the grid and relies on Mother Nature to help us thrive.


The same bright sunshine, that blesses this part of California and produces our lush wine grapes, also powers our Off the Grid Winery.

Like many of you, we realize that we are the stewards of our environment.  If future generations are going to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful Sierra Foothills region, we must practice sustainable viticulture and adopt renewable energy sources.

We’re happy to say that most of the energy used in the winery comes from the sun.  Of course there are times during the year around harvest, when we augment mother nature’s radiance with additional power.

Have a question, or would like to see how our solar installation works, ask for Nic. Starting off as a journeyman electrician, Nic eventually followed his Mom’s footsteps into the vineyard and the winery business. Along the way, Nic with his buddy Jim, built the Winery building and designed and installed the solar system.

Initially the solar panels were mounted on a rack near the winery.  But as we became more confident in the reliability of the system, we moved the solar panels to the roof of the winery. Now we hardly give much thought to our power needs, as long as the sun is shinning, our solar system provides us reliable energy.

Solar Powered Winery: Off the Grid Yields Big Challenges and Great Results

Making wine off the grid can be challenging. We have to do things that other wineries don’t; we seldom use pumps, and always use gravity to transfer wines from vessel to vessel, for racking and pressing the grapes. Not using pumps is known to be better for the resulting wine—and our winery guests seem to agree! You’re invited to visit us, take a look around at our off the grid solutions, and try our award-winning wines.

We’re fortunate. Mother nature truly shines on us and in the process grows our grapes and powers our winery.