From George to Cape Town

George To Cape Town

Shuttle to Capetown
The Shuttle to Cape Town
Luggage to Capetown
Our luggage to Cape Town

Took the shuttle from George to Cape Town – a pretty uneventful trip until we got to Cape Town. We needed to get an Uber from the drop off spot to the Mount Nelson, but we had no wifi so could not use the app. I eventually broke down and turned on cellular. The first Uber would not take us as we had too much luggage so had to order a 2nd. He was great. Got to the Mount Nelson – oh my……. This has to have been the classiest hotel I have ever stepped foot in, let alone stayed in!

Mount Nelson Hotel
The swanky Mount Nelson Hotel
The red road way they set up for us

After we checked in we were offered a glass of bubbly! The room was gorgeous – check out Penny’s video!

Penny directs a video tour of our modest accommodations


The Hotel Lobby
Awaiting us
Where we'll do High Tea