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Corinne chose to plant Rhône varietal grapes in her vineyard. That’s because the climate and soils in the area are similar to that of the Rhône region in France, where Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre are the predominant red wines. And equally important, Corinne likes Rhône reds. Check out Corinne’s Guide to Rhône Wines for more details.

Wine Tree Farm Rhône Blends

Our blends carry the Wine Tree Farm label. Those of our wines that contain more than one varietal, are blends. They’re marketed and sold under our Wine Tree Farm Label.

Even our Syrah dessert wine carries the WTF label, because it is fortified with high proof alcohol that’s not made from Syrah.

We traditionally name our blends by using the first 3 (or 4) characters of the varietal in the order of the percentages. (SyrGreMour, GreSyrMour, MourSyrGre GreMour)

Corinne Wines - Single Varietal Rhône Wines

Our single varietal wines, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre, carry the ‘Corinne’ brand.

Our single varietal wines are all 100% of that varietal. We do not manipulate the wines in any way.

The wine is exactly what the grapes in the vineyard gave us. So each vintage will be slightly different from prior vintages.

Our Fanciful Rhône Wines

We’ve created a few wines that do not carry either the Corinne or the Wine Tree Farm label – our fanciful labels.

These are themed wines – Bypass Red as we are on the Bypass; Off The Grid as we are 100% “OFF THE GRID!”; and OTIS, dedicated to our late winery dog who passed away in 2018.