The Wine Tree Farm Vineyard 2024

Wine Tree Farm Vineyard
Waking Up

The Vineyard Seasons

Unpruned vines

Waking up from a Winter's Nap (hair a Mess)

A pruned vine spur

A nicely pruned spur.

Pruned Vineyard

The Vineyard Pruned (Finely Kempt)

A budding spur

Oh look! Vines Are Budding

Spring marks the Vineyard’s rebirth. After the harvest of the previous season, the vines go dormant to rest after a productive season. We let them rest in peace with all the shoots that carried the fruit of harvest, remaining on the vines.

When spring arrives it’s time to tidy up the vineyard and prune the vines.  As the vines sense that the weather is warming up, they prepare for another productive season. When they’re ready they begin to grow buds on their newly pruned spurs.

See this rebirth happening in the Wine Tree Farm vineyard.