Off to Sandton

Johannesburg to Sandton

Arrived at Barbara and Stacey’s gorgeous apartment – wow (See Adjacent video).

A fabulous view and an unbelievable apartment. It has very strong security and you have to have an app on your phone to let you in or out! We went downstairs to a small restaurant where we had a quick lunch. Spent the rest of the afternoon reconnecting, napping and trying to get all I-phones, and computers charged.

That evening we had dinner where we were joined by some horsey friends from the past. (Barbara’s grand daughter, Sabrina, is an excellent rider and jumper and has won many prizes. The folk at the table are me, Greg, Stacey, Barbara, Rogan, Penny, Sabrina and Linda. Greg and Rogan own a stables where Sabrina rides and has her horses. Linda is a rider I knew when I competed, and her Dad had bought one of my horses years ago for her.(she remembered, I didn’t :-(. A great dinner. Greg and Rogan (2 gay guys) were hilarious with all their stories.

Shared a bottle of Winetreefarm Syrah and it was met with accolades!

Horses at Sabrina's stable
Horses at Sabrina's stable

Day 4
Stacey made us breakfast and then we headed out to the Stables – but the trip was complicated. Barbara was the navigator and got us so lost! We were meant to meet Sabrina at the stable at 10am, we got there, eventually, at 11:45. Poor Sabrina had a driving test appointment that she needed to not miss, so we missed seeing her ride and my chance to ride. 🙁 But Rogan gave us a great tour of the property and Greg was riding one of their horses. it was great talking to Rogan about the horsey world now. He showed us the latest technology in bridles and also how the jump poles are now so much lighter. He also showed us his transport truck and said everyone has one these days. (We used to ride to shows:-) Left the stables and Barb tried to take us past some of my old houses in the Sandton Area, but sadly those houses are now gated communities and no longer there. The area is so overbuilt from when I was there it was unrecognizable.Back to the apartment where we had a nap and then off to dinner.

We went to a fancy seafood place where we had Langoustines. Penny had never had any! A great end to the 2 days.

This morning Stacey took us to the Airport and we flew to Durban.

Greg riding
Latest tech in bridles
Lighter Jump Poles
Everyone has one of these