Visiting The Hluhluwe Umfolozi Wild Life Conservation Area

(Best animal guesses by non zoo-ologist -Pete)

Next morning we are off to the Bush (the local saying of going to a game park) -Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

It is a +/- 2hr drive from Wendy’s. We were joined by another of Wendy’s friends, Ding – btw, both Ding and I were Bridesmaids at Wendy and Dan’s wedding!

Once in the park we drove around and saw some wonderful animals – I just love visiting the bush – I miss the opportunity to do this often.

We did 2 days of driving through the parks, including a very early morning game drive with a ranger. The only down side was that they have had a LOT of rain, so the vegetation is very dense, as you’ll see in the photo’s, so game sighting was challenging.

We did see a lot of Impala, Kudu, Giraffes, Rhino’s, a few Buffalo, the backside of an Elephant, a dung beetle, and were very lucky to see some wild dogs – The wild dog is one of the world’s most endangered mammals. We also saw warthogs, wildebeest, leopard tortoise and Zebra’s.

As there is no wifi in cars (yet 🙂 we were totally out of communicado with anyone – so this is a long catch-up.

Name of the place
Name of the place
Msgs from Nature - Peter Jordi
Messages from Nature - Peter Jordi
Map of the area
Map/Reflections of the area
Blond sunning by the water
A Blond water buffalo sunning by the beach
Ohh she's a water buffalo
The Blond prancing by to show off her bod
Something in the bushes
Look, somthing in the bushes
Long necked Calico horse
Long necked calico horse
Corinne claims it's a Giraffe
Correction it's a Giraffe
South African eagle
Look up, a South African eagle
Headless mom and kids
Look around, headless mom and kids
South African tortoise
Look down, South African tortoise
a bambi?
a muddy Unicorn
a muddy unicorn
Correction they're rhinos
Corinne claims, they're rhinos
tail-gating an elephant
tailgating an elephant
Wild dogs
wild dogs

Weirdest thing, dung beetle, moving scat?

Left Wendy’s place in Durban. Ding, Wendy’s friend drove us to the airport where we met Adele and Vivienne – 2 of my cousins. We had a great chat, reminiscing on our pasts.

We then flew back to Johannesburg and caught a 2nd flight from Johannesburg to George.

Adele and Vivienne
Adele, Corinne and Vivienne