From Durban to George

From Durban to George

Durban to J-Burg
J-Burg to George

The flight was slightly late. Marlize and Johnny (another cousin – Johnny is the brother of the 2 sisters we met at the Durban Airport).

After some more reminiscing Marlize served us a great Lasagna and lots of wine.

Next morning we went visiting the bush.

Safari Uber
Bush Uber
elephant finally got us off her a**
Elephant - finally got us off her a**
Look what followed us
Look what followed us

Next morning we had a lazy breakfast and then headed t Mossel Bay for lunch. A beautiful seaside city.

Mossel Bay
Mossel Bay
2 Blands waiting for the sun
2 Blonds waiting for the Sun
More of Mossel Bay
More Mossel Bay

At lunch Johnny and I had a Mimosa (weird with the 2 colors) and Penny had a Pina Colada.

Penny Johnny and Marlize
Penny, Johnny and Marlize
Corinne Johnny and Marlize
Corinne, Johnny and Marlize
Penny meets Paul Bunyan
Penny meets Paul Bunyan
Wine Starters
Wine Starters

Penny was fascinated by a wild Dassie (a Rock hyrax native to South Africa)

Penny was in her element as they have a couple of cats and one liked her lap, a Parrot called Miles and a few love birds.

Backless will Dassie
Backless Wild Dassie
Dassie wants to live with me
This Dassie wants to come home with me
No my lap is not taken
No my lap is not taken

We’re are off to Plettenberg Bay to visit a Polo Club that’s been turned into a Winery

This once was a Polo Club!

Now it’s done over as a Winery

A Rhino Hat?
A Rhino Hat
Horsey Bottle Racks
Horsey Bottle Racks
Their growing season is starting
Their growing season is just starting
BiTOU wines
Brunch for dieting winos
Penny snags a Rhino