A Look in the Rear-View Mirror

2016 is behind us and it was a busy year. The vines had a good start in the spring with plenty of water from a good dousing during the winter and early spring.

But mother nature couldn't leave well enough alone and instead endowed us with an abundance of voles. In fact most gardners in the Amador City area battled with voles for a good part of the year. The more sophisticated vine loving voles took up residence in our vineyard and we battled them most of the season to minimize the damage they caused. 

We had a great harvest and our yield beat that of the previous 2 years.

Following the harvest I was off teaching wine blending classes on the MSC Divina a Caribbean cruise ships.

Again mother nature made that a challenge by throwing hurricane Matthew right in the path. Matthew just missed Miami as my plane touched down in Miami. Talk about good luck. Unforunately that was cancelled out by a bit of bad luck. A slip-up, which was more my doing than mother nature's, made for a real hair raising experience.

We ended fall by introducing babydoll sheep in the vineyard, an experiment in sustainable weed control. Will they keep the weeds at bay without sampling tasty budding vines, well that's the hope.

Stay tuned for more excitment coming in 2017.

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