Halloween Spoof

Normally red wine is paired with dark chocolates.

However around Halloween many wine drinkers are deluged with a plethora of unusual chocolates which beg to be consumed.

This is a perennial problem that many of you face! Either you bought more treats than pleading "Trick or Treat" ghostly goblins made off with, or you and your minions came back with more chocolates than can be consumed by your ghoulish clan.

To pare down the chocolate that might otherwise make it's way to your midriff, you nobly invite friends and neighbors
to an elegant social event at your place.

Naturally you're keen to avoid a social faux-pas in such notable company (you hid the beer in the garage), but more importantly
you've selected the right RED wines to pair with the major Halloween chocolate groups.

To help you sort through these devilish complex pairings and as an exclusive service to our Wine Club Members and customers,
we not only provide the following recommendations, but we'll also be featuring these wines and chocolate pairings at our
up coming release party for your concurrence and acclaim!


Halloween Wine Pairings



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