The Droughts Washed Up

No more Rain Dancing
No more Rain Dancing
A river runs through it
A river runs through it

We were hoping for rain... just not this much all at once!

We were more fortunate than many other communities that suffered significant flood damage.
There was substantial flooding in the areas adjacent to the vineyard, but when the floods
subsided we saw that we only incurred minor damage from erosion. The meadows and access
roads were relatively unscathed.

The vineyard which is on a fairly steep incline, fared well, although we will have to fill-in
the ruts and gullies left by the torrential rains.

Like the folks living downstream from the Oroville Dam, we're relieved that it held, but it
was a tense couple of days!

We're not out of the woods yet. The rains traditionally continue until April, and we're
expecting substantial water flows as the snow cover in the Sierras melts.

But with the sun starting to peek out on weekends, stop by the winery to put memories of
the recent storms behind and enjoy some liquid sun-shine, which we offer by the glass,
bottle and case.


A river and a road
A river and a road
Damn that Dam
Damn that Dam

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