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A bit of History

The Bottle Washer in Chief

Corinne, the winemaker, hails from South Africa and came to the United States in 1983. She settled in the Bay Area and toiled in High Tech until 2000.

Since her youth, Corinne has been passionate about the outdoors and was an avid equestrienne in South Africa where she competed successfully in Show Jumping and Eventing disciplines.

That’s Corinne competing in a Equestrian event back in South Africa, a while back


After a career in High Tech, she began to pursue her passion of raising and training horses and starting a hobby vineyard.

When she happened on the Torre Ranch in Amador County she knew she had found the property of her dreams.

However her priorities flipped: the hobby vineyard turned into a commercial vineyard, and the two horses which she acquired and planned to breed in 2004, are living a life of luxury, while Corinne, the winemaker, concentrates on her wine business.

Unfortunately the state of California also had plans for the Torre Ranch, that was to build a bridge across the middle of it.

Fortunately the bridge did not impact the area destined to become the vineyard and to compensate Corinne for all the hassels she faced while the construction went of, the state offered to pour the concrete foundation for the planned winery, with excess high quality bridge concrete.

See the details of the Winery construction.

The Bypass Bridge
The bridge, winery and vineyard

Today the bridge has become part of the landscape with the vineyard, winery and bridge sharing the beautiful landscape of the outskirts of Amador City.

The bridge has even become the theme of one of Corinne’s popular wines “Bypass Red”. Catch a bottle when it’s in stock, it sells out quickly

The winery, which is at the bottom of the vineyard, is where we produce our wines. It is completely off the grid powered soley by the sun and man/woman power.

It’s also the home of many of our animals, dogs, a cat, sheep and baby goats. To make our wines more readily available we have now opened a tasting room in downtown Amador City.

The continues to be where we produce our wines, store our wines, hold our blending classes, and Wine Club Pick-Up parties, and where we host events.

To spread awareness of Wine Tree Farm and Corinne wines, Corinne offers tastings of her wines at numerous local events.

Here’s Corinne participating at a Wine Tasting event at Preston Castle in Ione CA.

Watch our Calendar for upcoming events where Wine Tree Farm wines be available for tasting.