Attend one of our Blending classes

In many fields, music and art as examples, people have a natural talents. Wine Blending is similarly a talent.  Mixing specific amounts of different wines produces blends with interesting nuances and tastes.

In this class you’ll discover your wine blending talents. First, you’ll taste one of our popular blends, while Corinne shares her wine-blending and wine-making knowledge. Then, you’ll taste our three single varietal wines. Now, using these single varietal wines and what you’ve learned, you’ll mix several different blends to see which you like best

Once you discover your preferred blend, you can take home a bottle of your very own creation!

It’s an interesting, educational and fun experience.

We charge: $70/person, $120/for 2. Buy it now!

It includes an approximately 2 hour seminar and a take-home bottle of your unique blend. Discounts are available for parties of 4 or more – call us @ 209-783-5049 for more details.