Jan 2018 Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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Before the vines wake up and start making demands on us, we have some time to share our reflections on 2017 and to lay out our thoughts and plans for the upcoming 2018 season. BTW feel free to stop by taste our wines and share comments about the past and ideas for the future.

2017 – A Look Back

One thing that stands out above all else for 2017, it rained, and rained and rained. So much so that it ended the CA drought that plagued most vineyards, ourselves included.

Surprisingly we didn’t have as many weeds as in 2016 which may be because the weather was cooler and our Baby Doll sheep were trimming the weeds, if we only had more of them.The Herd

February 2017 we had our Annual Cocoa Vino Event at which we offered single origin chocolates to go along with our single varietal wines. Later in February we pruned the vines to get ready for the new season.

March was “Behind the Cellar Door” organized by the Amador Vintners and focused on educational events. We offered a vineyard tour and a pruning demonstration, which was well attended.

2017 BCD Pruning Demo

April we had an Easter event and the vines started to bud.

May was Mother’s Day and our spring Release Party at which chef Steve Muni laid out a tantalizing taco spread. In the vineyard the vines started blooming

We celebrated Father’s Day in June and we started suckering and tucking to keep the vines under the guide wires to keep them from drooping to the ground

We celebrated the 4th in July and grapes started verasion (changing in color from green to purple).

In August we started to do berry tests to track the increasing sugar content of the grap

es. We also poured our wines at the Amador 4 Fires at the county Fair, with Steve Muni helping out.

Amador County 4 Fires


September was the start of harvest season for Syrah and this year we recruited community pickers to help us harvest.

Community Wine Pickers

In October we picked the Grenache and Mourvedre. We held our Fall Release Party with a Halloween twist. In the vineyard we gave the vines one long last drink of water to last them until the rains started that got them through their winter dormancy.


November we were busy making wine and we celebrated Thanksgiving with our Annual Plaid Friday instead of Black Friday.

December we managed to relax a bit and bantered with patrons who came by to taste wine and talk about the vineyard and wine making.

2018 – A Look Ahead

The vines are still napping from their productive 2017 season. We’ll start pruning in February.

Our experiment with letting baby doll sheep graze in the vineyard as a natural way to keep the weeds under control proved practical. However given the size of the vineyard we could use another 10 baby doll sheep. If you or anyone you know is moving and can’t take their baby doll sheep with them, let us know, we offer free boarding :-)

We’re thinking of holding more classes and tours in the vineyard this year. Last year’s pruning class was well attended and proved to be fun.

This year we’ll also add a class on suckering, we’ll do a “Brix Patrol” in the fall showing you how to measure brix. And around harvest time we’ll save one row of vines for a harvest class in which you get to pick your own grapes.

We’ll have two pick-up parties for our wine-club members, one in the spring the other in the fall. Join the wine club to gain the Wine Club Member discounts and get an invitation to these two gala events.

Look out for a periodic Newsletter announcing events and specials at the Wine Tree Farm Winery and Vineyard.

We’ll be holding our popular Blending classes on weekends throughout the year. Stop on by, learn to blend wine, taste our wine and take part in our vineyard activities.


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