Jan 2018 – “5 Ways Wine and Women are alike”

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We appreciate blog contributions and recently Ann Hawkins approached us about contributing several articles on wine. We liked her article so read on and enjoy.

Why compare wine and women? Well as you’ll see women are pre-dominently wine drinkers and not surprisingly the traits of wine and women are very similar.

Out of the 212 million adults in the U.S, 44% of them drink wine. In the U.S., women constitute about 55% of wine drinkers and men account for 45%. Analysis also shows that most women prefer sweet wines whereas men prefer strong wines.

If you hope to do well befriending women you best learn about them, and surprisingly things you learn about women also applies to wine.

1 There’s a wide Variety:

Just as there are many different types of women, there are many different types of wines. Every woman has her own unique style, personality, traits and quirks, as do wines. Finding a beguiling wine requires many meetings and introductions not all of which will go well. Yet eventually you’ll find a wine that’ll delight you and your palette.

Want to chuckle a bit and enjoy your night, have a bubbly wine like Prosecco. Want an inviting and warm evening, select a bottle of a blended Rhône wine, like Wine Tree Farm’s SyrGreMour. Exploring something new, opt for a wine like Corinne Mourvèdre. If you’re into something lively and sexy, chose a wine like ByPass Red.

2. Spend money wisely:

Women appreciate good quality and price is not always an accurate measure of quality. Yes, spend money on a fun filled evening but do so wisely, not frivolously. Women respect those who recognize and choose the finer things, which often are not the most expensive.

Same with wine, good wines can range from $10 a bottle to $60 and above. They can be found at wineries such as Wine Tree Farm, wine shops or stores with an adequately stocked wine sections. You’ll find great wines in each price tier as well as some that are just along for the ride.

Recognize that value and quality do not necessarily mean a higher price.

3. Foreign things can be exciting:

Many of us have a lure and get excited about foreign things, whether that’s from another part of the country or the world. Things that are foreign are new, different and intriguing which imbues a sense of adventure.

This is true of women and wine. Both may be unusual and unfamiliar yet be charming and captivating in their own way. Don’t fear to set forth on a foreign adventure, even if it doesn’t require a passport.

4. The Good ones are often taken:

Just like interesting women, wine that appeals to you probably appeals to others and may soon be hard to find.

Sometimes you may have to look long and hard to find that which catches your fancy. But, when you find what to you is intriguing, act swiftly as competition can be keen.

5. Stability and Care are key:

Like women, wines prefer stability. They don’t want to be jostled around, left in the heat or kept in the cold. Wines like to be appreciated, savored and treated as special as they are.

Ageing (i.e. staying together) and serving wine requires knowledge and finesse that comes with time and practice. There’s a skill you’ll develop over time to decant wine correctly especially in the company of friends and guests. That’s no different from the dancing skills and manners you’ve mastered to regale that special someone.

Wine is known to be good for your health, as is a wonderful relationship with a woman. So take time to spend a relaxing and intimate evening with that enchanting woman and your favorite wine.


About the Author: Ann Hawkins
Ann is the content curator at https://remedyliquor.com/. She loves blogging, writing, reading, learning, and teaching. She loves to pen down her thoughts on wine and whiskey. When she is not writing, she loves to travel and explore new places to savor some unique wine and whiskeys. She also loves to try out new recipes in her leisure time.


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