2017 Vines wake up for a new season (they’re budding)

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Here's an update of what's happening in the vineyard!

We pruned the vines and held a pruning demonstration in March. That's the time when we cut back last seasons growth,
to focus this year's growth on selected vine shoots. In April budding starts, the ground has warmed up sufficiently so the
roots can supply the vines with moisture and nutrients to kick off this year's growing season.

On the left is a freshly pruned shoot
back in March. On the right is a
newly budding shoot in mid April.
As you'll see below each varietal
grows at a slightly different pace.
Budding Grenache Vines
The most eager grapes are the
Grenache vines, budding on the left
and a view of rows of Grenache
vines on the right.
Rows of Budding Grenache Vines
Budding Syrah Vines
Equally lively are the Syrah grapes seen
here getting a healthy start on the left
and rows of Syrah vines on the right.
Rows of Budding Syrah Vines
Budding Mourvèdre Vines
Budding at a more leisurely pace are
the Mourvèdre grapes seen on the
left, that leisurely pace is also
reflected in the more barren rows
of Mourvèdre vines on the right.
Rows of Budding Mourvèdre Vines

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