2017 March Spring Pruning

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Explaining Vine Pruning
Inspect the Vines
Inspect the Vines
Cut off the old wood
Cut off the old wood
Voila, a pruned shoot
Voila, a pruned shoot

With the deluges of February hopefully behind us, we’re pruning our vines before they awaken from a
nice winter nap. In addition on March 4th and 5th, we offered vineyard tours and pruning demonstrations.

The last time we were active in the vineyard was last fall during harvest, when we picked the bountiful
fruit of last year’s crop. During harvest, we cut-off the berry clusters which provide the grapes from
which wine is made. The vines are then left with their long tendrils that held the berry clusters and
the leaves which captured the sunshine that drove the vines growth.

Pruning is the process of cutting back the tendrils of last year to establish new shoots to carry on the
emergence and growth of this year’s grape clusters. As you can see, we’ve significantly trimmed back
the vines to stimulate new growth.

Although the vineyard looks somewhat barren now, it’ll only take several weeks for budding to start,
beginning this year’s crop cycle.

I want to thank Ava Roberts, the creator of goldcountrycowgirl.com, a truly fabulous site, for taking
these terrific pictures . Ava also attended one of my Wine Blending classes. See and read her
impressions of the Wine Blending Class experience

With the nice, warm and dry weekends that we’re experiencing, come by to taste our great wines,
which we offer by the glass, bottle and case and help us watch the vines grow.

How to use the clippers
Now it's your turn
Now it’s your turn
Time for a break
Lets have some Wine

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