2017 June Vineyard Happenings

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Before and After Suckering and Trimming

The vines have been growing steadily since early spring and now are preparing for adult


During their prolific youthful days they've grown additional shoots over what we thought
we were leaving when we pruned them earlier in the season.

Like well mannered children can turn into wild and woolly teenagers who stand to benefit
from a little finishing school before heading off, so to vines can use a final finishing
before left on their own to produce a bountiful harvest of wine grapes.

Trimming and suckering is the phase when we take off additional shoots that came from
buds that we may have missed during pruning or secondary buds that grew off the main
bud. Much of this growth can be broken off, although long shoots may bring out the
clippers for a clean trim rather than damaging the plant.



Wild and Woolly Vine
Wild and Woolly Vine
Amazing what a little finishing can do
Amazing what a little finishing can do

When suckering we removing excess shoots, however we're careful to leave some extra
shoots so that their leaves can protect the grapes from sunburn.As you can see from the
pictures wild and woolly vines turn into well mannered and well behaved vines to bear
prodigious amounts of fruit.

From here on we'll be watering the vines and watching out for pests and diseases to
see them through to a RIPE age. Then it's a race between us and the birds to harvest
the sweet grapes that'll mostly go into our Rhone varietal wines.

Unruly row of Grenache vines
Unruly row of Grenache vines
After suckering and trimming
After suckering and trimming
A row of vines after being suckered and trimmed (i.e. whipped into shape).


Visit us on weekends to learn more about viticulture, have a tasting of past years wines and
see the emergence of our 2018 wines.


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