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MSC Divina
MSC Divina

Every year for the past 4 years I take off several weeks to teach wine blending classes on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

We start our cruises in Miami. This time on the MSC Divina an ultra modern cruise ships which can carry over 4,000 guests. I teach wine blending classes on the days we’re at sea (Sea Days) while we are off to our next destination, which is typically half the days of the cruise. I do 2 classes on Sea Days – at 1 PM and 4 PM.

Prior to the class, I set up the tables with blending place mats, glasses, blending tools (graduated cylinders and pipettes), napkins, water and crackers or bread rolls. After each class, I clear the tables and get the glasses off to the kitchen to be washed prior to the next class. It’s a hustle for those few hours! Not to mention, each participant receives a free bottle of wine, based on their preference, which I make after the classes.

Once we’re in port at a Caribbean vacation spot, most guests head off to explore and I don’t hold formal blending classes. However, I do offer boutique wine tasting of Wine Tree Farm and Gold Creek wines later in the afternoon. But as most guests are on shore, I get a chance to catch up with paper work, continue to make the bottles of wine for guests who took the class, and and when I have time, do some sight seeing before we head off again.

The cruises usually take one week. We leave late on a Saturday and return early on the following Saturday. After we return the ship undergoes an intensive make over before we welcome new guests and take off on the next cruise, late in the day.

If you haven’t tried cruising, by all means find the time to do so. Just be sure to book a cruise that has a theme which reflects your life style.

If you can’t squeeze in a cruise but are interesting in wine blending, don’t fret. You’ll be pleased you know, that I offer the same classes “on land”, at the Wine Tree Farms Winery – check the web site for details.

Check out my cruising adventures by visiting:

I’ll be back late in the month – October 23rd. Stop by at the end of the month, taste wine and I’ll be happy to share any cruising tales.


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