2017 May Festivities and Pick-Up Party

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May was a busy month for us at WineTree Farm.

We participated in the 3rd annual Four Fires Festival held at the Amador Fair Ground on May 6th. Rather than duplicating the outstanding
description of this event, here's a link to an article by Steve Muni of the Ledger Dispatch.

As one of many Amador County wine makers who poured their wines to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience, let me say that this was a fun, challenging and exhausting event.

However by all accounts everyone enjoyed the wines, the food and the activities. If you missed the 2017 Amador Four Fires event, be sure to mark it in your 2018 calendar, now!

Here are some memorable scenes of this year's Amador Four Fires.


Rhone Zone
The origin of our Varietals
Wine Tree Farm Wines
Poured Wine Tree Farm Wines
Goes well with Reds
Goes well with Reds


The week following Amador Four Fires - May 13th, we held our Spring Wine Club pick-up party featuring a Taco Feast. Wine Club members gathered to enjoy Steve Muni's excellent mexican fare and enjoyed our new release of our 2015 Off The Grid Rosé made from 50% each of Grenache and Mourvèdre. Nic was on hand to share a taste of our soon to be released 2013 Syrah and a tank sample of our 2016 Off The Grid! Both received great reviews! 

While we were occupied, the vines stayed busy entering the flowering or blooming phase. On the left you see Syrah grapes beginning to bloom. In the middle is a picture of Syrah in partial bloom. On the right are Grenache grapes that have bloomed.

During the blooming phase the vines produce flowers each of which has the potential to turn into a berry (i.e. a grape). Blooming is followed by berry set, which is when the berries turn into grape clusters. 

Syrah Starting to Bloom
Syrah Starting to Bloom
Syrah Partail Bloom
Syrah Partail Bloom
Grenache in Bloom
Grenache in Bloom


Stay tuned for that exciting upcoming event in June.


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